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Steve Harrington ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Netflix-Fernsehsendung Stranger Things, die von Joe Keery porträtiert wird. Steve begann als typischer Jock-Charakter und entwickelte sich im Verlauf der Show zu einem väterlicheren und. Steve Harrington ist eine Hauptfigur der Serie Stranger Things. Seine Rolle wandelt sich im Laufe. Für die zweite Staffel Stranger Things kehrte Keery als Steve zurück, dieses Mal in einer Hauptrolle. wurde er zusammen mit seinen Mitschauspielern mit. Steve Harrington alias Joe Keery hat in der 2. Staffel von «Stranger Things» (​endlich) das Geheimnis um seine Haarpracht enthüllt. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Steve Stranger Things in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller.

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FunKo Stranger Things Steve Harrington Ornament bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte Artikel. Steve Harrington ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Netflix-Fernsehsendung Stranger Things, die von Joe Keery porträtiert wird. Steve begann als typischer Jock-Charakter und entwickelte sich im Verlauf der Show zu einem väterlicheren und. Hawkins, Indiana, ,,Warum hab ich dich noch nie hier gesehen?",,Weil du King Steve bist und ich nur ein unsichtbarer Untertan.". steve stranger things Stranger Things, seltsame dinge, steve harrington, mutter steve. Von SimpleDees. Tags: und dustin aus der dritten staffel von stranger things machen sich bereit, einige russische codes zu knacken continue reading die removed vertrauen gebrochen cannot von hawkins zu entdecken, schaufeltruppe, fremde dinge, fremde dinge 3, sternenhof, starcourt einkaufszentrum, schaufelt ahoi, robin, steve, steve harrington, dustin, dustin henderson, netflix, mindflayer, demogorgon, maya hawke, joe keery, gaten matarazzo, angelinaf12, fernseher, fernsehen, zeigt an, im trend, schaufelt truppe. Von Lauren Scott. Schöpft Ahoi Fremde Dinge Sticker. Steve Stranger Things 3.

Steve took on the role of 'babysitter' for the kids and was willing to put himself in danger to protect them. He's far more kind and responsible than he used to be.

In , Steve is a shadow of what he once was. Aside from his sarcasm and recklessness, a lot of his traits that he displayed in his high school years have disappeared from him.

He's been shown to be incredibly awkward and unsuccessful with the girls he serves at Scoops Ahoy , and the only positive female relationship he seems to have is with his coworker Robin.

His friendship with Dustin is still strong, if not stronger, and he seems to be on good terms with the rest of the Hawkins gang.

Steve is also shown to be more kind-hearted and tolerant of things he used to poke fun of. Aside from engaging in nerd culture, he's also shed his homophobic views, which is shown when he still accepts Robin as a friend after she comes out to him.

One of Steve's incredible skills is his proficiency with his spiked bat. His adeptness with his bat was revealed when he displayed significant prowess in fend offing the vicious Demogorgon that was attacking the Byers house.

Steve used his spiked bat again during the events at the junkyard where he was almost overwhelmed in an ambush by the demodogs, if not for defending himself with it.

He was also shown to be physically robust during his fistfight with Billy, dealing some quick blows to defend Lucas. And even though he received major injuries in the process, Steve was still able to help enter and guide the kids out of the demodogs' tunnel after setting it afire.

He is also able to knock out a Soviet soldier with a phone in a fight. While inviting Nancy and barb to his party, he mentions his mother attending his father's business trip because she doesn't trust him, possibly meaning Mr.

Harrington is unfaithful, therefore causing tension. He throws a party at his home without his parent's knowledge, drinking beers and smoking along with his friends.

He later fears Nancy revealing this to the police, knowing he'll get in trouble, saying to Nancy that his father is a "grade-A asshole".

When Nancy later asks Steve if he got in trouble with his parents, Steve says it doesn't matter and "Screw them". In , Steve struggles with his grades, not wanting to work under his father, but tells Nancy that maybe it wouldn't be bad since it means having insurance and "adult stuff".

By the summer of , Steve doesn't have the proper grades to attend college, and Mr. Harrington forces his son to get a job at Scoops Ahoy at the Starcourt Mall to teach him a lesson, angering Steve.

After being drugged by Russians, Steve is asked by Dustin if he's on drugs, to which Steve sloppily replies, "How many times, Dad?

I don't do drugs. Harrington confronting his son on his issues with partying too hard. By October of that year, Steve and Robin apply for jobs at Family Video, putting his mother down as a reference on his resume because she is "super well-respected".

In the beginning, Dustin, along with The Party, perceives Steve as a douchebag. However, in , Dustin uses Steve as a last resort to help him tame a Demodog after Lucas, Will, and Mike remain unresponsive to his code red.

While hunting for him using raw meat, Dustin asked Steve for advice on how to attract girls due to Dustin's crush on a new girl in his class.

Steve explains that the key to attracting a girl ism pretending you don't care, even if you do, and also reveals he uses Farrah Fawcett hairspray for his hair.

They soon begin an unlikely friendship and are seen protecting Dustin and eventually his friends. Their relationship evolves to a brotherly relationship, joking around and poking fun at one other, but Dustin looks up to Steve as cool despite his dwindling unpopularity with his peers.

After being brutally beaten by Billy, Dustin tends to Steve's wounds and they work along with the Party to destroy The Mind Flayer 's underground caves.

When Demodogs charge at them, Steve picks Dustin up to protect him, showing his fierce protectiveness. One month later, Steve drives Dustin who has used the Farrah Fawcett spray for his overdone hair to the Snowball and gives him a few more tips before sending him in.

Dustin tells Steve about his new girlfriend Suzie and asks for his help with translating a Russian broadcast he picked up when trying to contact Suzie, which Steve accepts.

When Robin hears of the message and translates it for them, Dustin and Steve work together, along with Robin, to find the Russians and get into the back room of the mall.

After getting into the room with Erica Sinclair 's help, Dustin stays by Steve's side as Steve opens a box of unknown chemicals, not wanting him to die, which touches Steve.

When they are spotted by the Russians, Steve, along with Robin, help Dustin and Erica escape before Dustin tells him that he'll come back for him.

Eventually, Dustin comes to Steve and Robin's rescue and helps them escape the Russian base while looking out and protecting them as they were drugged with truth serum.

After Steve and Robin were cured, Steve reveals to Dustin that he told the Russians his name while being drugged, much to Dustin's shock, as Steve apologized.

When Dustin revealed Suzie's existence by contacting her on Cerebro , Steve was shocked as he secretly did not believe that she existed and awkwardly listened to Dustin and Suzie singing Neverending Story together.

Steve and Nancy first began seeing each other shortly before the disappearance of Will Byers. However, when Nancy became distant due to the disappearance of her friend Barb, Steve grew worried.

When he visited her house to check on her, he witnessed Nancy and Jonathan together in her room, making him believe she was cheating.

When Nancy confronted him, Steve gave her a chance to explain herself, though, due to the extraordinary nature of the events, she was unable to.

There, he unexpectedly helped Nancy and Jonathan fight the Demogorgon. A month after these events, Steve and Nancy had gotten back together.

Steve rejected this idea, reminding her that doing so would put them and their families in danger. At a Halloween party, Nancy became intoxicated, leading her to reveal that she did not have feelings for him.

This emotionally crushed Steve, and he broke up with her the following day. Yet, Steve still had feelings for Nancy, and after being goaded by Tommy and Billy, attempted to apologize to her.

After dropping Dustin off at the Snow Ball, Steve spotted Nancy and accepted she will never love him. A year later, in , Steve confessed to Robin that he no longer loves Nancy and considers her a friend, as he's now looking for the perfect girl for him.

Due to Jonathan and Steve being polar opposites, both in popularity and personality, Steve viewed him as an outcast. While he, Carol, Tommy, Nancy, and Barb watched Jonathan hang up missing posters for Will, Steve said it looked depressing, but he did smack Tommy on the arm and told him to shut up after he said Jonathan might have killed him.

But when Nicole informs him and the others that Jonathan took pictures of them during the party at his house including a photo of Nancy in her underwear , Steve proclaimed him to be a pervert and broke his camera in retaliation.

When he sees Jonathan and Nancy together in her room not realizing the situation , the next day he, along with Carol, Tommy, and Nicole, wrote horrific slurs about them in graffiti on the theatre's marquee and an alleyway.

When Jonathan and Nancy confront him, Steve begins to brutally bully him about his home life, his mother, and his brother's "death" until Jonathan's rage consumes him and beats Steve to the ground.

After escaping from the police beaten and bruised, Steve comes to the realization that Tommy and Carol are horrible people and drives to the Byers to apologize, only to get sucked into Nancy and Jonathan's fight with the Demogorgon.

A month later, Steve and Nancy give Jonathan a new camera for Christmas, showing they're on good terms.

A year later, in , Steve and Jonathan were shown to still get along. During a party on Halloween night, Nancy drunkenly admits that she doesn't love Steve, causing him to storm out and ask Jonathan to take her home, showing that he trusts him.

He accepts that he wasn't right for Nancy and allows her to pursue her feelings for Jonathan. In , Steve and Jonathan were still on friendly terms, as Steve finally got over Nancy.

The two worked together as a team to protect the Party from the Mind Flayer. Tommy H. Tommy and Carol are former best friends of Steve.

While the three spent a lot of time together, Steve did not appear to be exceptionally close to them. Upon realizing that the couple were not very good people, Steve ended his friendship with them.

A year later, in , Tommy still held a grudge against Steve, and gladly joined Billy in mocking him. Billy Hargrove was an antagonist to Steve and quite provocative from the day they met.

After Billy's arrival to Hawkins High School, he was quick to gain reputation from the other students and ignited a rivalry with Steve after breaking his keg standing record.

Even though Steve didn't bother much about his fame, Billy was always quick to taunt him for his failures, such as losing against him in basketball and failing to deal with his broken relationship with Nancy.

Ultimately, Steve realized Billy's violent nature when he returned to the Byers residence to forcefully take Max and threatened the boys.

This prompted Steve to intervene and a fistfight ensued. While Steve managed to protect the boys, Billy brutally wounded him before he was sedated.

In , after learning that Billy was one of the very people possessed by the Mind Flayer , Steve protected the kids from him by crashing into Billy's car before Billy could ram over the kids as they tried to escape Starcourt Mall.

After the Mind Flayer's defeat, it is unknown how Steve felt about Billy's sacrifice to protect the kids. With the mall gone, Joe confirmed he will be abandoning his part-time job at the ice cream parlour Scoops Ahoy, which provided some much needed levity in the latest instalment.

Joe confirmed his iconic sailor uniform, which he wore alongside newcomer Robin Maya Hawke will sadly be retired in season four.

Do I have it at home for Halloween? One day! Production of Stranger Things 4 was set to take place from January to August , but was confirmed to have ceased as the coronavirus crisis increased back in March of this year.

Even with the promise of a scarier new direction, Stranger Things season four will make a welcome return for Netflix subscribers when the coronavirus lockdown is finally lifted.

Stranger Things seasons are available on Netflix. Stranger Things season 4: Steve star confirms new season is a lot scarier Image: Netflix.

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Tags: Stranger Things, science fiction, steve harrington, dustin, elf. Von loveroftv. Tags: mom of the year, mom, dad, character, cast, millie bobby brown, billy, hargrove, max, skateboard, stranger things, upside continue reading, mike, 2010 romantische filme, 11, dacre montgomery, denim, jean jacket, denim jacket, mullet, scoops ahoy, scoops, steve harrington, lifeguard, california, russians, starcourt, demogorgon, stranger things, stranger things 3, dustin, ahoy ladies, spike bat, joe keery, bat, caleb, i dump ass, dump, 80s, emifrohn, emifrohnstickers. Fremde Dinge - Der Babysitter Sticker. Tags: steve, fremde dinge 3, ahoi eis, filme, chibi, chibi anime. Nachhaltig produziert more info auf Bestellung für dich bedruckt.

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